Resolving educational inequality in the U.S. through technological integration and implementation of classroom IoT and ubiquitous computing systems. 



Educational funding and resources including books, films, databases, and technology are distributed unequally, creating wide gaps in the distribution of knowledge. Communities suffering from educational inequality are disadvantaged and oppressed in society. Inequality leads to major differences in the educational success and efficacy of these individuals, and ultimately suppresses social and economic mobility. 


Implementing AI and IoT technology to provide an education that transmutes language barriers, encompasses a well organised understanding of the world’s history, and gives access to the most current resources. Students are able to become early adopters of break-through technologies and the computing systems that will allow them to confidently navigate the connected world of tomorrow. 

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Project contributors:

Claire Puginier - UX Design, System Design, Rendering, Animations, Presentation Design

Joshua Tewes McCoy - 3D Modeling and Rendering

 Fabianna Valletta - 3D Modeling and Rendering

Juan White - Rendering

David Ricketts - Material Research